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Maritime - Ship Registration - International Relations
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Malta is a European country enjoying political stability and excellent international relations.

It is the firm belief of the administration that the sound bilateral relations with the widest possible number of countries and participation in the major international shipping fora are one of the duties that Malta must fulfill as one of the leading Flag States.

Besides regularly participating in the deliberations of major inter-governmental and non-governmental maritime organisations, such as the International Labour Organisation, Malta constantly strives to conclude bilateral treaties with various countries in order to ensure that Maltese ships benefit from the good standing and reputation that Malta enjoys in the international community. To this end, Malta has negotiated a number of double tax treaties with over 25 countries and is currently in the process of finalising more treaties.

A reciprocal agreement between Malta and the United States of America exempts shipping and air operations from income tax. This agreement makes it possible for Maltese companies owning or operating ships calling at US ports to claim an exemption from the 4% gross transportation tax levied on transportation income attributable to transport which begins or ends in the United States.

Malta has also concluded two maritime agreements with the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation; similar treaties with several other countries are in the process of negotiation. These agreements provide various benefits to Maltese Ships trading to these countries. Malta also has a reciprocal fleet agreement with the USA on the carriage of empty containers in the US coastwise trade exempting Malta flagships from the relative fees of the US Jones Act. Moreover, Maltese ships trading to Greece benefit from an exemption from taxes on their earnings by way or reciprocity.

The Malta Flag administration also has the backing of an extensive network of consular representation, which extends to most ports and cities of the world. If necessary, the Merchant Shipping Directorate can authorise these consulates to provide specific services.


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